Sublimation is by far the best technology currently available for image transfers. Sublimation is used commercially to produce ties, soccer jerseys, flags, nylon, Lycra body suits etc.

Send your layout and we shall make sure that you get your sublimation gift within 48 hours from your approval of layout. 

Advantage of Sublimations

You can transfer onto:

  • coated metal
  • coated wood
  • some plastics
  • mugs
  • tiles
  • puzzles
  • T-shirts
  • clocks

The Golden Rule of sublimation is: If it is coated or plastic, and won't melt in the press, you can transfer onto it.

Disadvantages of Sublimation

  • Sublimation onto cotton shirts leaves a slight whitish yellow border around the artwork.
  • Cotton shirts have to be a light colour for sublimation.
  • Sublimation transfer systems are made for image transferring only.
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