Signage Display Systems

Light Boxes

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Chromdeck Boards

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Contra-visions/ Mesh Vinyl

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Material Used

  • Chromadeck steel
  • Reinfoned Pvc  streched


  • Sign boards can be wall mounted or have poles
  • We do installation for all our siganage unless the client duts otherwise
  • We have readily made signs boards
  • We also do custom made sign boards
  • We do not use rivets on sponge for  neatness, we use a special glue, which is unheater resistance​

Light Boxes

Lightbox signage systems are a modern signage display method that is starting to become quite popular in the world of advertising signs. A great advantage of lightbox signs is their visibility and attraction in day and night. Lightbox signs can also be placed indoors to promote a product. The light of the lighbox sytem attracts the human eye to the sign itself, thus being very effective.

Chroma Deck

Signs and Signage are a crucial form of marketing, especialy when it comes to outdoor signage. here at  LNP Brand Printing Solutions we can print various forms of signage sytems as a marketing solution for you. The most popular signage display system is Chromadek signs.

Printed Signs can range from Road signs to basic advertising signs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Signage requirements.

  • Any size available for the Signs
  • Sign writing on most flat surfaces
  • Full color Signs on vinyl

Road Directions

These are Used to help road users Navigate easily in and around a city or town


We do Saftey Sings

We do Road Signs

We do constructions signs

We do Office Displays e.t.c​

LNP Brand Printing Solutions consists of graphic designers,installers and project managers of identity and signage solutions for the commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

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