Name Badges I Button Badges

LNP Brand Printing Solution is a recognized supplier of self-made button badges since 20014.

Button Badges are very cost effective, light to carry and rust free.

There is no price difference between 1 colour badges and full colour badges.

With button badges, we are able to produce a large quantity in a small time frame

Button badges

We do  75mm, 58mm, 37mm, 25mm  in diameter. 





Embroided Badges

Magnetic Name Badges

  • Dooming Name/Tags
  • slip Name Badges/Tags
  • Pin Name Badges/Tags
  • lanyards
  • ID Cards
  • lanyards
  • Slip Name Badges/Tags
  • Plastic ID  Cards

Magnetic name badges are a very professional way to present your company and employees

  1. The standard size for a name badge is 75mm in width by 37mm
  2. These badges can be printed on a wide range of vinyl such as Gold and Silver with either a chrome or brush finish, White or reflective Grey.
  3. The vinyl is then applied to a 0.9mm ABS and domed with a medium hardness resin. A magnet or pin is then attached to the back of the badge.
  4. They have a sleek and professional finish that helps a great deal in Identifying the people who represent you.

Resin coated name tags (Domed Name Badges)

We have them in pin back or magnetic back​

Full colour digital prinitng

Various shapes and sizes

These name badges are also know as name tags, domed badges, resin-coated badges or bubble badges they are highly customizable and very professional, they can be cut to different shapes and sizes but this may incur extra costs.

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